Flora & Fauna: a series of small batch ciders with unique flavors worth highlighting

2017 ~ first release

still cider 120 bottles ~ sparkling cider 240 bottles

Out of the barrel, this cider reminded us of sauerkraut (in a good way). The flavor was too interesting to risk losing in the blending process so we decided to bottle this single barrel on its own. We got our sommelier/supertaster/chef friend, John Glover, to put his superior taste buds to work. He gave us these notes:

Aromas: blue cheese (penicillin), sauerkraut, lychee/ freeze dried strawberry, and licorice/star anise with hints of ripe apple/pear skin, dried sweet peppers, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and vanilla

Flavor: balanced acidity with medium body - salt, blue cheese, vin jaune/ sherry (oxidative/ aged wines) with notes of warm hay and grass.

Finish: The finish is clean. It does not linger on the palette. Slightly tannic. Notes of cabbage and a minerality that is pleasant, like spring water. Finishing aromas of freeze dried fruit, specifically strawberry. “Overall mouth feel reminds me of chewing on cooked lime or lemon pith (more pleasant than this sounds- like making a lime jam or something)”.